Signs of the Seaside

Signs of the Seaside at Ditchling Museum
Signs of the Seaside, Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft

Seaside resorts are full of written messages, vying – sometimes shouting – for our Sattention, attempting to draw us one way rather than another, whether that’s towards FISH ‘N’ CHIPS, BINGO, or BEACH BAR. Signs of the Seaside, the big summer show at Ditchling Museum, explores the gaudy, bawdy and brash visual vernacular that has developed for that purpose over the years, in towns like Brighton, Blackpool and Margate. There are new prints from the show’s curator Justin Burns, with words by popular poet Ian McMillan as well as typographical designs by Anthony Burrill, a repurposed five-foot neon letter from Andy Doig, fairground art by signwriter artist Amy Goodwin, an exploration of Edward Johnston’s iconic Johnston Sans font an letterpress designs by McKellier. Not to mention some exquisitely beautiful – and rather much quieter! – decorated pebbles by Marion Deuchars. Something for everyone, in fact, including the kids: Emma Carlow has designed a fun ‘head-in-the-hole’ board. We loved it.

Signs of the Seaside
Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft
Until September 3

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