Sussex Wine

Explore the wonderful world of Sussex wine, courtesy of ROSA sommelier Dominic Buckwell

Artelium wine.

Don’t judge a wine by its label

Do you ever find yourself staring along identikit aisles of shop shelves stacked with similar-looking wines, wondering which to choose? Unless you know the wine, having previously tried it, it’s difficult to judge how it will taste. I’m here to take you behind the label, helping you to pick up on cues and use X-ray vision to see through some of the obfuscation gummed across the glass.

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Rebel Wines.

Rebel Wines

This article focuses on a different style of fizz: some are very good, but I am sorry to say, some aren’t: you won’t often read a wine column that draws attention to inherently bad wines, but I wanted to write about the rebellious producers of Sussex who buck the trend with wines so different in style as to be inadmissible to the legal appellations for both Sussex and English Sparkling Wine.

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Wine Country.

Wine Country

I am standing with Christine and Peter Hall at their beloved Breaky Bottom estate in the hillside above Rodmell; the smell of tobacco from his roll-up co-mingles with the fresh scent of hedgerow flowers and clover. In my right hand, a tulip shaped glass of primrose coloured liquid: a volcanic stream of bubbles releasing elderflower, lemon meringue pie and shiitake ‘shroom aromas. I raise it to my lips to taste…

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