Gallery Membership

The Gallery Membership invites you to become a creative partner with us by adding your own events to two ROSA calendars: a public-facing one for your exhibitions and events; and a private one for our members and readers where you can post exclusive events and special offers. As well as access to digital magazines, you will receive ten copies of each issue of our beautifully designed, long-read arts magazine to share with your colleagues or sell on site. Selling the magazines for the cover price would pay for the cost of your membership package.

Gallery Membership:

      • Upload your events to our public-facing online calendar.
      • Invite ROSA subscribers and members to private events such as launch receptions and talks.
      • Sell tickets through our website.
      • Offer discount and incentives to ROSA readers to attend your events.
      • Magazines to share in your organisation or sell in your shop.
      • PR Support opportunities (advertising, art postcards, newsletter, event participation)

Book a demo – or by calling 01273 473227 (office hours)