My Sussex

Jon Tutton

Where do you live and how did you come to live in Sussex?

I live with my wife, the artist Sarah Young, by Worthing seafront and we spend our working days in Brighton. I moved down from Manchester to attend the University of Sussex in the late 1980s, on the basis that it was by the sea and sufficiently far away from my home town. As soon as I arrived, I felt at home.

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Helen Cammock

Are you local?

I’ve lived in Brighton since 1989. I came to University of Sussex aged 19 from Somerset because Brighton felt like a safe space for me to start finding out who I was.

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Maggie Scott

How did you end up in Sussex?

I was born in London and lived in Notting Hill until I was ten, when the family moved to Hampshire.

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Andrew Graham-Dixon

How long have you lived in Sussex and what brought you here?

I’ve lived in Nutley for ten years. My parents bought a house there when I was about four or five. I moved back when they passed away, and I took on the farm and the ancient woodlands. In theory it’s a manor house, but it’s really two houses that are knocked together that used to be a workshop and a forge.

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Andrew Churchill

Where do you live, and when/why did you move to Sussex?

I live in Yapton, near Bognor Regis and Arundel. I first moved to Brighton in 1999. We put on some exhibitions in a room above a bookshop, and then I got my first position working for Pallant House Gallery in 2000. I’ve been in West Sussex for around 20 years now.

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Sue Tilley

How did you come to be Lucian Freud’s model?

I knew someone who modelled for Lucian, and they introduced him to me and Leigh Bowery, who was my best friend, and he asked us both to sit for him. I used to go early in the morning, for the best light – at 6am in the winter – and stay for six or seven hours. Just lying on the sofa, or sitting on an armchair, naked.

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Can you describe your artistic practice in fewer than 20 words?

Research driven space-time animations, which explore the physical nature of the material world, fundamental reality and our place in it. (Space-time is one word isn’t it?!)

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