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Nick Bodimeade, Curtilage

13 Jul 27 Jul

Those familiar with Bodimeade’s landscape painting will recognise his explorations of pictorial space and material. In this show, however, he presents us with a new approach: paintings that place emphasis on the story of land use and agriculture. Here, his personal history of land-based work and leisure is the inspiration. 

Expect to see views from his idyllic Hamsey farmhouse window, and ‘Cornish lanes and fields where the lumpy broken landscape seems to blur the distinctions between bush, rock, cow, shed and cloud.’

Bodimeade is also showing his Herd paintings, which he describes as ‘cattle on a steep volcanic New Zealand pasture, where the camouflaging patterns, flattened space and high vantage point relate both to the tipped-up space of abstraction and the hunter gatherer’s view of cattle in the paintings at Lascaux.’

111 High St
Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1XY United Kingdom