Spy from the Future

David Burke’s interview with his late friend Mark Bennett, the filmmaker, inventor and editor of Black Ice Magazine.

The Wham-O Air Blaster toy gun was removed from stores in 1965 because, aside from knocking over a house of cards from across a room, you could stick it in your sister’s ear and give her permanent hearing damage. >>>

Out of Africa

Zambian-born painter Emily Kirby’s work explores human connection across borders

Travelling and creativity are embedded in painter Emily Kirby’s DNA, and it can be easily seen in her artwork. Born to British artist parents in Zambia, and brought up in Sussex, she has lived in >>>

A Generous Space

Is the Artist Support Pledge revolution sustainable? Kate Reeve-Edwards investigates

Stepping from the train, I am greeted with horizontal drizzle. This is my first visit to Hastings: it’s a wintry Sunday and the town is deserted. I make my way down a steep hill until I reach the >>>

Not on any map

CINECITY’s Tim Brown salutes a timely re-publication of Kay Dick’s forgotten novel They

In Kay Dick’s slim novel, first published in 1977, They are mysterious gangs who roam the countryside removing and destroying all art, books and paintings and ‘gleaning’ – killing or maiming – artists who >>>