Artist Interviews

Imogen Lycett Green meets Tom Hammick

Famously prolific, Hammick has stuck at the loneliness of painting for over 30 years… Read on

POSSIBLE DAUGHTER (after Velazquez), 2023 by Alexander Johnson

Punking Up the Old Masters

I’m sitting across the table from Alexander Johnson, now 59, in his spacious, purpose-built studio in the beautiful garden of his enviable Laughton home. Sun floods through the windows, illuminating the work on the walls, a series of head-and-shoulders portraits, clearly inspired by Velázquez, with a very modern twist… Read on

Sarah Money: Flow and Movement

In her twenties and thirties Sarah Money was a dancer and mime artist; now, in her middle years, she’s a painter and sculptor… Read on

Hugh Philpott meets Neil McLaren

As with everything he does, Neil’s approach to jewellery design and construction is very serious. He talks in detail about sets, music, and plot lines, and reflects on how he interprets all of that and more in his jewellery. It is clear to me that his connections and links with Glyndebourne Festival Opera are deep and go back years… Read on

Daytrip to Darktown: Imogen Lycett Green meets Jonny and Sharon Hannah

Two working-class kids from opposite ends of the United Kingdom – one from Dunfermline, the other from Southampton – meet at art school in Liverpool and fall in love. They take jobs to bring in the money but keep their eye on the easel. They buy a house in her hometown, they have a child, go to Paris, have another child, move back to the Southampton place… Read on

Alex Leith meets Steve Bell

Steve Bell, a seventy-something bear of a man, answers the door with a big grin, makes me a well-brewed cup of tea, and leads me through his sizable Brighton townhouse and out through the garden to his ramshackle, lean-to studio… Read on

An image of an artwork by artist Jana Nicole.

Entangled Art

I’m not sure, in over thirty years of interviewing people, that I’ve found myself in more convivial surroundings than the artist Jana Nicole’s living room, in her former-schoolhouse home in the East Sussex village of Wilmington… Read on

Imogen Lycett Green meets Langlands & Bell

Langlands & Bell are introducing me to Near Heaven, their new installation in Vanessa Bell’s attic studio, a space that has been for years, until now, chock-full of abandoned objects and empty frames, old chairs and dusty files. They encourage me forward, through a tiny door, up the narrow wooden stairs. The stairs creak, as attic stairs should, in a house full of ghosts. “You first,” they say… Read on

Alex Leith meets Katie Sollohub

Katie Sollohub is a painter, who swims in the sea. Or is she a sea swimmer, who paints? The distinction, like much of the recent body of work she has produced, is somewhat blurry… Read on